JIMCO MAC500 Air Sanitizer

The JIMCO MAC500 Air Sanitizer uses UV-C (Ultra-violet wavelength C) light to sanitize and disinfect workspace or room air.

Air is drawn in, exposed to high intensity UV-C light, and the sanitized air is then expelled into the room. It is effective against viruses (including COVID-19), bacteria, fungi, and mold.

Rated for room areas of up to 880 cubic feet, in the working environment results clearly show a reduction of absence due to illness of up to 40% and daily increased productivity of up to 10%.

Along with UV sanitation, Ozone is also generated which eliminates odors and improves the overall air quality, indoor climate, and working environment.

The study was based on a company‘s 771 employees and the result of this study was published in ”THE LANCET” Vol. 362 of 29.11.2003.


Model: JIMCO MAC500

UV Air Sanitizer

JIMCO MAC500 Air Sanitizer
  • Sanitizes and disinfects workspace or room air
  • Effective against viruses (included COVID-19), bacteria, fungi, and mold
  • Increases air quality – Ozone generation eliminates odors
  • Powerful 8W UV-C lamp
  • 8000 hours operation (approx. 1 year) – with easy to replace bulb
  • Sanitizes room size of 880 cubic feet
  • On/Off switch, timer, and fan control
  • Sleek stainless steel design is elegant and easy to clean
  • Work or home environment
  • Work: reduces illness up to 40%, with 10% increase in productivity
  • Storage rooms
  • Commercial, domestic, or industrial environments

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