Education and Training

Education and training

Hands on / lunch and learn training

RealTech Controls offers on-site education and training for engineers and technicians.

The training is practical, and our approach guarantees a clear understanding of fundamental instrumentation concepts, systems, and equipment.

In today’s industrial environment, a combination of companies reducing costs by decreasing the number of technicians, as well as experienced personnel retiring, has led to a more stressful working environment for the younger workers filling these positions. This being said it has still remained crucial that engineers and technicians are able to quickly and reliably maintain, program, and use existing equipment, as well as replace discontinued devices. Adding to this, the learning curve required has steadily been increasing with updated controllers and instrumentation being available, with many struggling to learn the different types of programming and control basics.

The training we offer encompasses the basic operation of industrial analyzers, control and automation theory, connectivity of various devices to form a control system, and basic electronic theory specifically adapted for controller function. We offer half-day and full-day training schedules as well as hands-on device training. With over 30 years of industry experience from design to implementation and training, these classes are designed to be exciting and engaging.

Julian Klotz
Technical Director / CEO
RealTech Controls