Turbidity Analyzer and Control System

The EMEC Turbidity Analyzer and Control System, offers ease of use, accuracy and reliability for the monitoring and control of Water Turbidity. Using the EMEC LDSTORB2 PLUS Turbidity analyzer and controller, with the ETORB2 Series of sensors, NTU ranges from 0-40, and up to 4000 NTU are accurately measured. These systems are cost effective, and ease to operate, with NTU readings being continuous and updated every second. Built-in temperature compensation with a spray wash lens cleaner are standard.

The system below consists of the controller, and sensor and mounting options:


Turbidity Controller

EMEC LDSTORB2 PLUS Turbidity Analyzer and Controller
  • PID Turbidity Controller
  • User Friendly Encoder wheel menu, with back-lit LCD Display
  • Control Outputs for PID 4-20mA, 2 x Pulse, & 2 x Relay
  • 4-20mA Outputs for NTU, and Temperature
  • Alarm & Probe Cleaning relays
  • Circulation Pump relay
  • Flow Switch and Stand-by inputs
  • NTU Measurement range selection from 0-40.00, 0-400.0, or 0-4000
  • Optional mA or pulse water meter inputs for Feed-forward control
  • Optional Communication interfaces for Ethernet, GSM, Modbus or Ermes Webserver
  • Optional Communication interface provides Ermes Web-server access for on-line monitoring and data-logging
  • Use with EMEC ETORB2 Turbidity Probe, and optional Probe Holders
  • Water and Waste Water Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical


Turbidity Sensor


Submersible Turbidity Sensor

EMEC ETORB2 and ETORB2-IM Turbidity Sensors
  • Factory calibrated (Plug and Play)
  • Repeatability < 2% of measured value
  • Nephelometric 90 degree NIR scattered light principle
  • Self Cleaning with external water or air hook-up (15 PSI max)
  • Temperature compensated, 32-104°F operation
  • 0-40.00, 0-400.0 or 0-4000 NTU scalable measurement ranges
  • Model ETORB2 requires optional NPED-E2 or NPED-E2V probe holder, and comes with 5m cable  (10m max option)
  • Model ETROB2-IM requires optional PEC-E2 submersible probe holder and comes with 20m cable (150m max option)

Mounting Accessories

Model: NPED-E2

Turbidity Probe Holder

Model: NPED-E2V

Turbidity Probe Holder with Auto-Flush Valve

EMEC NPED-E Turbidity Probe Holders
  • Suits EMEC Model ETORB2 Turbidity Probe
  • 1/2 inch female threaded inlet & outlet ports
  • Model NPED-E2V includes Isolation, Auto-Flush Valve
  • Wall mount with removable bowl
  • Bypass Line / Side Stream Installation

Model: EMEC PEC-E2

Submersible Probe Holder

EMEC PEC-E2 Submersible Probe Holder
  • Suits EMEC Turbidity Probe Model ETORB2-IM
  • PVC Probe Holder
  • Max 104°F (40°C)
  • Length = 4ft (125cm)
  • Water Tanks
  • Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Tanks
  • Water Treatment Pits

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