Zero Chlorine Analyzer / Control System

Offering Ease of Use, accuracy and reliability, the EMEC LDSCL PLUS Zero Chlorine Analyzer and Control System provides a solution for measuring Zero Chlorine in water systems. Using the latest in Amperometric Cell Technology, the EMEC sensor has a life expectancy of up to 3 years without the need for constant Chlorine being present in the water. Readings are continuous, and updated every second. Built-in Temperature and pH Compensation are standard on all models.

The System below consists of the Controller, Filter, Flow Cell and Chlorine Sensor:

Analyzer System on Backboard

EMEC Analyzer System on Backboard

Individual System Components


Zero Chlorine Controller

EMEC Zero Chlorine Analyzer & Controller
  • PID Zero Chlorine Controller
  • User Friendly Encoder wheel menu, with back-lit LCD Display
  • Control Outputs for PID 4-20mA, 2 x Pulse, & 2 x Relay
  • 4-20mA Outputs for PPM, and Temperature
  • Alarm & Probe Cleaning relays
  • Communication via Ermes Webserver or modbus
  • Optional mA or pulse water meter inputs for Feed-forward control
  • Optional Communication interfaces for Ethernet, GSM, or Modbus
  • Optional Communication interface provides Ermes Web-server access for on-line monitoring and data-logging
  • Use with EMEC Series PEF Flow Cell, and SCL Amperometric Chlorine or Chlorine Dioxide Sensor
  • Discharge of Treated water into Streams, Rivers etc.
  • Disinfection Systems
  • Water Treatment
  • Household
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Laboratory


Chlorine / Chlorine Dioxide Flow Cell & Probe Holder

EMEC Zero Chlorine Sensor Flow Cell
  • Includes EMEC SEPR Flow sensor – Flow Indication via a Red LED
  • Built-in Temperature Sensor
  • Standard Tubing and Fittings
  • Includes Pressure & Flow Regulator
  • Flow Adjustment Knob
  • Built-in Sample Port
  • Use with EMEC SCL Series Amperometric Sensors


Zero Free Chlorine Amperometric Sensor

Model: EMEC SCL8

Zero Total Chlorine Amperometric Sensor

EMEC Amperomectric Zero Chlorine Sensor
  • EMEC SCL Digital sensors compatible with EMEC LDSCL PLUS Controller
  • Digital interface to controller
  • pH, and Temperature Compensated
  • 15 PSI (1 Bar) Max Pressure
  • SCL3N for zero inorganic free chlorine – ideal for absence of Chlorine measurement for fresh water (0-0.50 or 0-2.000 ppm)
  • SCL8N for zero total chlorine – ideal for absence of Chlorine measurement for fresh water (0-2.000 ppm)

Optional Re-circulation System for Calibration

Re-circulation System

Recirculated Generic Calibration Block Diagram

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