Ozone Analyzer and Control System

The EMEC Ozone Analyzer and Control System offers ease of use, accuracy, and reliability for the monitoring and control of Ozone in water. Using the EMEC LDSCL PLUS Ozone analyzer and controller, and the latest in Amperometric Cell Technology, Ozone ppm readings are continuous and updated every second. Built-in pH, and temperature compensation are standard.
The System below consists of the Controller, Filter, Flow Cell and Ozone Sensor:

Analyzer System on Backboard

EMEC Analyzer System on Backboard

Individual System Components


Ozone Controller

EMEC LDSCL PLUS Ozone Analyzer & Controller
  • PID Ozone Control
  • User Friendly Encoder wheel menu, with back-lit LCD Display
  • Control Outputs for PID 4-20mA, 2 x Pulse, & 2 x Relay
  • 4-20mA Outputs for PPM, and Temperature
  • Alarm & Probe Cleaning relays
  • Communication via Ermes Webserver or modbus
  • Optional mA or pulse water meter inputs for Feed-forward control
  • Optional Communication interfaces for Ethernet, GSM, or Modbus
  • Optional Communication interface provides Ermes Web-server access for on-line monitoring and data-logging
  • Use with EMEC Series PEF Flow Cell, and SCL10 Amperometric Ozone Sensor
  • Water Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Nurseries and Greenhouses


Ozone Flow Cell & Probe Holder

EMEC Amperomectric Ozone Flow Cell
  • Includes EMEC SEPR Flow sensor – Flow Indication via a Red LED
  • Standard Tubing and Fittings
  • Includes Pressure & Flow Regulator
  • Flow Adjustment Knob
  • Built-in Sample Port
  • For use with EMEC SCL10/2 or SCL10/20 Ozone Amperometric Cell

Model: EMEC SCL10

Ozone Amperometric Sensors

EMEC Amperomectric Ozone Sensor
  • Digital interface to controller, for Auto sensor and Range detection
  • pH, and Temperature Compensated
  • 15 PSI (1 Bar) Max Pressure
  • For use with EMEC Model LDSCL PLUS Controller (will auto select for Ozone)
  • For use with EMEC Model PEF1R/E/K Flow Cell
  • Two Probes available:
    • EMEC SCL10/2 Range for 0-2.000PPM
    • EMEC SCL10/20 Range for 0-20.00 PPM

Optional Re-circulation System for Calibration

Re-circulation System

Recirculated Generic Calibration Block Diagram

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