LED Lighting

New Product: Ultra-Violet (UV) Sterilization and Disinfection LED Strip Lighting.
Effective against COVID-19. Please click here: RTC-LEDUV

RealTech Controls offers high bright LED lighting, in the form of tube lights as well as LED lighting strips (or tape lights) for superior, constant brightness. They are ideal for industrial, commercial, and domestic applications and are used where good visibility is required or to light up darker areas. High quality LED’s are always used, with a standard 5 year constant brightness warranty.

They are extremely cost effective and reliable, and we guarantee your satisfaction.


UV LED Sterilization Strip Light
(5M / 16.4ft length)

Model: RTC-LEDUV-3535-18M12V


RTC-LEDUV-3535-18M12C Sterilization Tape Light
RTC-LEDUV-3535-18M12C Sterilization Tape LED Lighting
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  • Ideal for commercial, industrial, or domestic disinfection and sterilization applications
  • UVA and UVC Emitted wavelengths effective against COVID-19 (See International Ultra-Violet Association fact sheet download)
  • Power supply required for 12Vdc
  • 3M (9448A) Adhesive tape sticks to most surfaces
  • UL, CE, and RoHS approvals
  • 5 meters (16.4 Ft) Length
  • Flexible, cut to length
  • 18 LED’s per meter, 93 Lumens per LED (1674 Lumens / meter)
  • 4 watts per meter @12Vdc (0.33A)
  • 24Vdc Version and 10M tape lengths available upon request
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Industrial, Commercial, and Domestic applications
  • Sanitize and Sterilize surrounding air, surfaces, and water
  • Above work benches or tool bins – sanitize the work bench surfaces, bins and tools
  • The inside seams of control cabinets, to sanitize wiring / instrumentation inside the cabinet
  • In trunks and trailers of maintenance work vehicles, this can also be connected to the 12Vdc vehicle battery
  • Equipment storage sheds and locations
  • Countertops, shelving, and the soffit area (between roof and cupboard top)
  • Inside cupboards for example to sanitize cutlery and crockery
  • Underneath cupboard toe kick area (gap between cabinet and floor) to sanitize floor area
  • Places that are frequented by people for handling or touching items / social gatherings etc.

Model: RLC-LEDWT-11.25-S

1 Foot LED Light

Model: RLC-LEDWT-11.25-S-DC

1 Foot LED Light, DC Supply

LED Lighting Model: RLC-LEDWT-11.25-S LED Panel Light
Now Available on E-store
  • Ideal for Control Cabinets and Technician Trucks & Vans
  • Includes Magnetic & Screw Mountings, 7ft Power Cord, Daisy-chain Cables and Connectors
  • Kelvin Temp (CCT): 5000K
  • 400 Lumens / 4W, ETL Listed conforming to UL-1598 (UL 508A)
  • Daisy chain & Dual adapter connectors included, to increase light length (up to 10 lights)
  • Different lengths available upon request
  • Compact, affordable, and light weight – approx. 5 oz.
  • Dimensions: 11.25″ x 1.13″ x 1.50″
  • Optional lengths available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 foot lights
  • Power Supply: 100-240Vac or 10-30Vdc
  • On/Off Switch
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Control Panels / Cabinets
  • Work Bench Lighting
  • Industrial or Commercial Vehicles
  • High Strength Magnetic Mountings provide for easy clip on/off

Model: RLC-TL01-001

15 Foot LED Strip Light, IP20

Model: RLC-TL01-002

15 Foot LED Strip Light, IP64 Film

LED Lighting Model: RLC-TL01 LED Strip Light
Now Available on E-store
  • Ideal for Shelving, Automotive Trucks & Vans
  • 5M (16.4 Ft) Roll Length – High efficiency, and Constant Regulated Current
  • Maintains constant brightness when engine off or running
  • Flexible, cut to length – Cut and connect at 50mm minimum intervals (1.97”)
  • Kelvin Temp (CCT): 5000K
  • 260 Lumens per foot
  • 3M High performance pressure sensitive VHB adhesive backing
  • 7.2 watts per meter @12Vdc (0.6A)
  • Other Colors Available – Blue, Amber, Red, Yellow
  • Power Supply: 12Vdc, with Optional Dimmer
  • 24Vdc Version Available
  • Custom lengths and harness options available
  • Five Year Warranty
  • Control Panels / Cabinets
  • Work Bench Lighting
  • Tool Bins
  • Industrial or Commercial Vehicles