Nitrate Analyzer and Control System

The Model ETX Nitrate Analyzer uses an ECD HYDRA-DS combination electrode that simplifies nitrogen (nutrients) and Ammonium measurements. The Nitrate Analyzer is designed to monitor the nitrification process directly in a wastewater treatment plant’s aeration basin or clarifier unit. Its advanced sensor uses ISE technology to measure the concentration of dissolved nitrate as nitrogen (NO3-N) in water, and features a self-compensating design, where the unit automatically eliminates chloride ion interference, for high accuracy and reliability.

The Nitrate Ion Electrode provides the primary measurement, while a second electrode measures the Chloride ions in the sample. The chloride ion, due to its similar size and charge to the nitrate ion, causes a positive interference in the measurement. The Chloride Ion Electrode measures the amount of chloride ion present in the sample and the transmitter subtracts the appropriate amount of signal from the Nitrate Measurement.

An optional pH or NH4+electrode is also available in the HYDRA®- NO3 sensor. While not required for the measurement an optional pH or Ammonium electrode can provide valuable information about the process. Temperature is measured and used to compensate each of the measurements.

Nitrate Analyzer


Hydra-DS Nitrate Analyzer
  • Reliable ISE Technology
  • Nitrate as Nitrogen, NO3+-N
  • Auto Compensation for Cl- and Temperature
  • Rugged PVC design
  • Integral Spray Cleaner
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Industrial effluents
  • Aeration Basins
  • Clarifiers
  • Effluent and influent monitoring
  • Process water