BOD Analyzer and Control System

The BOD Analyzer and Control System measures the Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) in any water or wastewater process. Given the huge numbers of organic compounds in water, it is practically impossible to identify and measure each one individually. Instead of analyzing individual substances, a fast and precise way to rate water quality is to measure sum parameters – this is especially helpful in the case of online monitoring.

The BOD Analyzer and Control System is a continuous, online controller that is the perfect solution for monitoring the contamination of water or wastewater. RealTech Controls offers the ETX analyzer system combined with the UV254 sensor for accurately and reliably determining the equivalent BOD, TOC, or COD in water.


BOD Analyzer

Model: ETX + UV254

BOD Analyzer
  • On-line, real time equivalent measurements for TOC, COD, or BOD
  • Configuration for low or high measurement ranges for increased measurement accuracy
  • Low Range Configuration – up to 370 ppm (mg/L)
  • High Range Configuration – up to 1000 ppm (mg/L)
  • Single or dual channel controller versions available
  • Factory tested and calibrated for plug-and-play installation
  • 2 x mA outputs with 3 x set-point relay / alarm outputs
  • Modbus RTU
  • Rugged stainless steel sensor construction
  • Sensor installations options for flow cell, fast loop reservoir, or direct immersion standpipe
  • Advanced sensor wiper design reduces maintenance and calibration periods
  • Industrial wastewater
  • Drinking water
  • Industrial effluents
  • Effluent and influent monitoring
  • Power plants
  • River and surface water
  • Rain over-flow basins
  • Dissolved organics in water