pH Sensors

Endress and Hauser – Industrial, Rugged, High Performance pH Sensors have a built in Internal Plunger, permitting 360 Degree Mounting Orientation. Concave and Flat Head Designs for Bulb Protection are available with Cast-In-Place solid reference electrolyte to maintain a constant reference cell potential.

The Porous Teflon liquid junction resists fouling & chemical attacks, and consist of a Double junction reference cell for increased service life.

Threaded 3/4 inch NPT ends, or Smooth Surface probes as well as options for Submersible Probe Holders, Cables, and wiring terminations. Optional High Temperature Versions are also available.

Industrial and General Purpose pH Sensors

Model: OCPF81

Industrial pH Probe

OPF81 Industrial pH Probe
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  • Industrial, Rugged pH Probe
  • Head Options for Concave, Flat, or Protective Guard
  • Cast-In-Place solid reference electrolyte helps maintain a constant reference cell potential
  • Porous Teflon liquid junction resists fouling & chemical attacks
  • Internal plunger permits 360 degree mounting
  • Double junction reference cell increases service life in some applications
  • Threaded 3/4 inch NPT ends allows submersion with submersible probe holder
  • Optional Submersible Connector type probe with TOP68 cable of various lengths available
  • Industrial Waste Water Applications
  • Sanitation Chemicals – Chlorine, Bleach, Caustic, Acids, Bases
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Water
  • Sewer Water
  • Cooling Towers
  • Commercial Swimming Pools
  • High Temperature Applications

Model: WA-OPF19

Industrial pH Probe – Severe Service

WA-OPF19 Industrial Severe Service pH Probe
  • pH Probe for Severe Service applications
  • Triple Junction Non-fouling Reference Cell Minimizes Potential Poisoning
  • 230°F (110°C) at 145 PSI (10 Bar) Max Operation
  • Built-in Temperature Compensation
  • Flat Surface Glass Membrane
  • Scalloped guard to protect flat pH membrane & promote self cleaning-effect
  • 1 inch MNPT Process Connection
  • Subermersible with TOP68/NEMA 6 Connector (Cable not included)
  • Industrial Water / Waste Water Treatment
  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Boiler Flue Gas Scrubbers
  • Hot Temperature and High Pressure Applications
  • Strong Acid / Base Neutralization

Model: WA-GTDJ

Industrial pH Probe – High Performance, Low Maintenance

WA-GTDJ High Performance, Low Maintenance pH Probe
  • 12mm Smooth Glass Electrode with PG13.5 Thread
  • 0-490 PSI (34 Bar) at 275°F (135°C) Max Operation
  • Gel filled electrolyte delivers high performance and low maintenance
  • Advanced reference configuration with patented Teflon® junctions prevent drift and fouling
  • Internal Pressure and Temperature Compensation
  • Optional Submersible Connector type probe with TOP68 cable of various lengths available
  • Optional Submersible PVC Pipe Mounting Kit available
  • Industrial Process Applications
  • Fermentation
  • Cell Culture
  • Chromatography
  • Filtration
  • Buffer Preparation
  • Food and Beverage

Model: WA-OPF201

Industrial High Purity Water pH Probe

OPF-201 Industrial High Purity Water pH Probe
  • Stainless Steel 316 Low Flow assembly eliminates flow dependency and provides stable pH readings in Low Conductivity Water
  • pH Sensor is replaceable, with porous Teflon reference junction & large reference electrolyte volume
  • Replaceable Sensor Part number WA OPF201-C1C
  • Internal PT100 Temperature Sensor
  • Submersible with TOP68/NEMA 6 Connector, including 4.5m Cable with BNC Connection
  • Operation in Process Conductivity less than 100µS/cm
  • High Purity Water Applications
  • Pharmaceutical Water for Injection (WFI)
  • Boiler Feed Water
  • Power Plants


General Purpose pH Probe

EMEC Model EPHS General Purpose pH Probe
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  • 12mm Plastic Smooth Body Electrode, Fully waterproof (submersible)
  • 0-14pH with 0.01 Resolution Accuracy
  • Self-Cleaning Double Junction
  • Low cost reliable probe ideal for cooling tower use (requires optional probe holder)
  • 100 PSI at 158°F, or 50 PSI at 176°F (7 Bar at 70°C, or 3.5Bar at 80°C)
  • Optional 0.8m, 4.5m, or 15m Cable Lengths with BNC Connector
  • Cooling Towers
  • Swimming Pools
  • Laboratory Use
  • Chemicals – Sulfide, Sulfur and Silver

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