Ethernet/IP Routers and Data Converters

Aparian Ethernet/IP Routers and Data Converters

Aparian Ethernet/IP routers and data converters offer reliable conversion and transmission of Data Signals. Devices are available to convert between HART, Ethernet/IP, and Modbus, and have multiple I/O for cost and space saving.

Aparian is also a Rockwell Encompass Program Parter with Rockwell Automation and develops, distributes, and supports various innovative products that complement Rockwell Automation’s products and solutions. Aparian’s Ethernet/IP routers and data converters seamlessly integrate and operate with Rockwell Automation platforms, offering great ease of use, and allowing the customer to benefit fully from the partnership.

The following products are listed below:


Model: A-IP.HART-I

HART / 4-20mA Input to Ethernet/IP

Model: A-IP.HART-O

Ethernet/IP to HART / 4-20mA Output

Aparian IP Pointi HART to Ethernet/IP Converter
  • HART to EtherNet/IP
  • Analog Input or Output
  • Supports DNP3 with Secure Authentication
  • Supports Modbus-TCP
  • Supports Multidrop
  • Supports Burst Mode
  • HART Data & Diagnostics
  • Onboard 1000 point trend
  • DTM Available
  • M20 and NPT thread options

Example of typical installation:

Device Connection:

Model: A-MBR/B

Modbus Router

Aparian Modbus Router
  • Intelligent routing to Logix, SLC, & MicroLogix
  • Connect to Logix via Ethernet or USB
  • Supports reactive tag mapping – Modbus Slave
  • Supports scheduled tag mapping – Modbus Master
  • Slave mode supports multiple node mapping
  • Converts between Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU
  • Isolated RS232 and RS485 ports
  • Converts EtherNet/IP to Modbus TCP
  • Converts EtherNet/IP to Modbus RTU (RS232 & RS485)
  • Easy to install and configure

Example of a typical network setup in Scheduled/Unscheduled Mode:

Modbus Router in Scheduled/Unscheduled Mode

Typical network setup in reactive mode:

Modbus Router - Reactive mode

Redundant Logix Controller setup using USB:

Modbus Router for Redundant Logix USB

Model: A-1756-A-PMIO

Honeywell PMIO Scanner

Aparian Honeywell PMIO Scanner
  • PMIO IOLink Scanner
  • Integrate Honeywell TDC3000 IO to ControlLogix
  • Supports PMIO IOLink Redundancy
  • Phased Migration
  • Shadow-Mode
  • Easy to Configure

Example of a typical network setup: